US Universities


Home to the Ivy League universities, a plethora of leading specialist institutions, and a network of selective liberal arts colleges, the United States offers a wide range of educational opportunities. Carfax Educational Consultants provide carefully tailored assistance to college and university applicants at all levels. Carfax also works with individuals seeking entry to leading specialist institutions in fields as diverse as fine arts, law, theatre, and medicine.

With programmes of support including pre-selection of universities, assistance with applications, practice interviews, preparation for entrance examinations, and advice on which offer of admissions to accept, Carfax ensures that all applicants achieve their academic goals.

Consultants work closely with pupils to select a range of universities at which they will have a strong chance of gaining admittance. Carfax provides support throughout the application process, giving pupils all necessary guidance to maximize their chances of success. On issues ranging from personal statements, college choice, class selection and interview techniques, the consultants can arrange individually tailored counsel and tuition. Intensive revision sessions prior to A Level, IB or entrance tests are also available, to ensure that pupils are well-prepared to meet the conditions of their offer.

The consultancy provision at Carfax is unparalleled. Consultants have assisted pupils from around the world to secure places at top universities in the United States, including Harvard and the University of California.

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