Swiss Schools


Consultants provide guidance for parents who would like their children to secure places at one of the elite schools of Switzerland. Education at Swiss schools is an excellent option for families searching for a highly international education, and Carfax has the in-depth knowledge needed when selecting and preparing for entry into these establishments.

Carfax has had some notable successes in recent years, with pupils joining Le Rosey, Beausoleil, Aiglon and Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz.

In addition to the International Baccalaureate (IB), schools may also offer the Swiss Maturity Diploma, the French Baccalaureat, the German Abitur, the Italian Maturita or the American high school diploma.

This wide choice allows pupils to pursue educational careers in a wide variety of countries and is especially suitable for families who foresee an international career for their children.

Language learning is seen as an integral part of every school experience and is easily achieved due to the highly multi-cultural, multi-lingual environment. Pupils graduate with an ability to speak at least three languages fluently: their native tongue, English, and one or two other languages spoken in Switzerland.

A crossroads of various European cultures, Switzerland offers the possibility of studying with pupils from around the world. Historically, families have sent their children to Swiss boarding schools because of their reputation for providing a safe and secure environment where their children can flourish. This tradition has remained and now pupils from around the world study at Swiss schools, where pupils acquire a unique experience that allows them to genuinely grasp cross-cultural differences.

Swiss boarding schools have a well-earned reputation for being able to provide a wide variety of excellent extra-curricular activities in addition to their rich academic programmes.

Sports are seen as an integral part of everyday life. Pupils can practice swimming, athletics, rugby, hockey, football, badminton, horse-riding, skiing, ice-skating and tennis, just to name a few. Both individual accomplishments and team-spirit are encouraged, with schools competing against each other on a regular basis.

Swiss schools promote creative thinking and view the arts as part of a well-rounded education. Pupils have the opportunity to test their hand at musical instruments, drawing, painting, photography, choir, sculpture and photography, for example. Schools also compete against each other in the arts, with schools sending pupils’ work to be judged and viewed at local art exhibits.

Swiss schools regularly organise cultural trips and university visits as part of the curriculum. These trips are unique opportunities for pupils to widen their horizons, meet people working in their future industry and gain a better knowledge of how people in other countries live.

Pupils often travel to attend sports events around the world and participate in mountain sports and other activities, giving them a chance to test their determination and athletic skills.

Attending a Swiss boarding school teaches pupils the importance of giving back to society, as charitable actions are an integral part of the programme. Trips to developing countries are often organised and various cross-cultural events take place throughout the year.

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