British Schools


With increasing numbers of applicants for a limited number of places at top schools, the competition for entry has grown significantly. With consultants who have been educated at leading British public schools, as well as many who have taught within the independent sector, Carfax offer a unique insight into admissions systems which are often challenging and complicated. Carfax has the unique advantage of being able to draw on the resources of the wider Carfax Education group, with access to world-class tutors, guardians and a range of teaching establishments. This allows the individual requirements of pupils and clients to be met, providing them with all the assistance they need. Carfax has had some notable successes in recent years with pupils joining Eton, Winchester, Harrow, Marlborough, Rugby, Charterhouse, and Wellington.

The early years of schooling play a crucial role in the cultivation of a child’s talents and interests. Carfax’s consultants ensure that any opportunity for a child to excel, whatever his or her age, is pursued appropriately. With close links to some of the most highly-esteemed nurseries and pre-prep schools in London and the rest of the UK, the consultants have thorough understanding of the institutions which would benefit a given child and satisfy his or her parents, based on the establishment’s location, size and atmosphere Should a child experience any problems with developing their foreign language skills or adapting to a bilingual environment, Carfax can provide tutors specialized in working with young children and who will ensure that children feel confident in their language ability.

A good preparatory school provides a distinctive education, fosters independence and academic excellence, and prepares pupils to thrive in all demanding academic settings. With years of experience in placing pupils at Britain’s top preparatory and pre-preparatory schools, Carfax offers expert, honest and straight-forward advice on which schools would provide the best environment for individual pupils. Carfax’s consultancy team work closely with pupils and parents to ensure that children are placed in a setting which is ideally suited to their temperaments and long-term goals. For pupils who aspire to achieve entry to a highly academic secondary school, consultants can arrange individual tuition to supplement school-based study, this can include evening classes with specialist tutors, or courses of intense study at the Carfax Tutorial Establishment in Oxford.

Britain is home to some of the oldest and most influential schools in the world, which have educated academics, politicians, sportsmen and monarchs for hundreds of years. With an ever-growing number of applications for a limited number of places, entry to Britain’s top public schools is becoming increasingly competitive. In addition, the application process itself is often challenging and nuanced, and Carfax provides assistance and counsel for those who wish to secure a place at a leading institution.

Following an in-depth academic assessment, and a series of consultations with children and their parents, Carfax suggest a realistic selection of schools, well-suited to the expectations of pupils and their families. All support required to maximize children’s chances of securing a place can be arranged, ranging from long-term supplementary tuition, to practice interviews and assistance with practicalities of the application process. Entry to leading schools can be secured for pupils of all ages, including those seeking to access a school outside the normal entry points. Expert guidance can also be provided to pupils who are auditioning for specialist music, dance or drama schools, as well as one-to-one session with teaching staff from leading conservatoires to ensure a strong performance.

Pupils supported by Carfax have been offered places to study at Eton, Charterhouse, Rugby, Harrow, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Downe House, Winchester, Westminster, and other leading schools. British public schools generally admit pupils at the ages of 11, 13, and 16, with boys’ schools traditionally focussing on 13+ entry. However, the majority of leading schools increasingly rely on stringent ‘pre-selection’ tests that take place several years prior to entry, while some retain school lists for which parents are encouraged to register as early as possible (with some parents registering their children at birth). While Carfax is able to advise on school applications at any stage, it is strongly recommended that families approach Carfax at the earliest opportunity, particularly if they hope to enrol their child in a specific school.

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