Tutorial College


The Carfax Tutorial Establishment in Oxford specializes in providing individual tuition at all levels, in all school and university subjects. Pupils come to Carfax for different reasons, such as:

•         Preparing to take or re-take A-levels
•         Transitioning between schools or school systems
•         Working intensively towards public examinations,
•         Preparing for entry to schools or universities
•         Supplementing the tuition they receive at their main place of study
•         Wanting to adapt to the British environment
•         Enrolling in an programme to study English as a Foreign Language
•         Trying Taster courses to help decide on course of university study
•         Revising in all subjects during school holidays

Carfax provides a structured one-to-one learning environment which gives pupils an opportunity to achieve their study goals.


An Inspirational Location

The Carfax Tutorial Establishment’s location in the middle of an important historic city and among the famous colleges and institutions of this ancient seat of learning presents Carfax’s pupils not only with inspiration for their academic pursuits, but also a range of excellent facilities, and opportunities to engage in the diverse sporting, artistic and social life of Oxford’s significant student population.
The establishment is in some ways similar to an independent Fifth and Sixth Form, offering courses in all GCSE and A level subjects, as well those leading to other qualifications. Intensive individual tuition is complemented by a varied programme of extra-curricular activities drawing on the wide choice of sports and pursuits offered by the city and university clubs and societies. Accommodation is arranged with carefully selected Oxford landladies.


Attentive, Individual Care

Members of Carfax staff are always ready to give advice and support in all pastoral and practical matters such as accommodation, medical provision, introduction to sports clubs and student societies, and everything else that may enhance the overall experience of being in Oxford, while ensuring that academic achievement remains the chief focus of pupils at Carfax.



Carfax Tutorial Establishment has a Tier 4 UKBA Immigration Sponsor Licence, is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC), is a member of Study UK, and is a founding member of the Oxford Consortium of Independent Tutorial Colleges.

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